At Aura Matchmaking we are at your disposal to offer you an exclusive and personalized sentimental headhunting service. A professional service to search, find and introduce yourself to that unique person.

Because your soulmate is out there.
You just have to find her... and we will do it for you.

Be selective. Be smart. Be Aura.

Be selective.
Be smart.
Be Aura.

Live. Feel. Want. Palpitate.
Wish. Admire. Love.

Can you imagine that everything you want in a partner and in a relationship could be found in a comfortable, private, exclusive and safe way?
With the AURA Matchmaking team and their unique and personalized method, now you can make it happen.

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Two possibilities to find your ideal partner


As a Client, your search is personalized and the results are guaranteed.


As a Candidate, the personalized search is not carried out, but there is a possibility that there may be a “match” with one of our clients.



Human team of professional and specialized headhunters.

exclusive and confidential service.

Guaranteed results and
a high success rate.