Matchmaking is a matchmaking service by profile, interests, lifestyle and personality. This service was born for a very exclusive segment of American society a decade ago and in the last five years it has expanded with great success to northern Europe, naming a new subsector with a constant double-digit annual growth rate.
In Spain there are several companies that in the last 5 years present themselves as matchmaking companies, but only those certified by Matchmaking Corporation are those that have the quality standards and the appropriate methodology to be able to offer the best service in terms of professionalism, efficiency and confidentiality.
Matchmaking, then, is neither a contact website, nor an agency that organizes events, nor speed dating; is a new business model whose objective is to present two people who fit together and are compatible in profile, interests, values, style and life project.

AURA Matchmaking, together with Matchmaking Corporation, goes one step further in matchmaking and specializes in providing an even more exclusive service, the Headhunting Sentimental © service. This service is based on the expertise and methodology of professional headhunting, adapted to the sentimental field and applying human resources techniques, a patented method such as Headhunting Sentimental ©. It differs from the matchmaking service mainly by the exclusivity of its profiles and by the personalized and proactive search for its clients. The Headhunting Sentimental © searches, filters, verifies, evaluates, selects, values, presents and monitors the people who meet the profile specified and validated by the client, always with total confidentiality, professionalism and truthfulness. This method is aimed at satisfying a very select and demanding type of client, who values ​​their time and privacy, and who has not lost the illusion of finding that special person to share their life. Headhunting Sentimental © requires a deep and personal knowledge of all our clients and candidates, always in a professional environment of absolute respect, honesty, privacy and confidentiality.
Today we live in an interconnected society, but with a disconnected culture. A society in which “yoísmo” and “yaísmo” is an assumed reality and where there seems to be a crisis of values and principles, where love is trivialized and sex glorified.
On the other hand, and although it is already a normalized aspect, the inclusion of women in the labor sector has made them also demanding when choosing the one that has led to selective mating with a clear tendency to professional inbreeding.
Additionally, technology has changed the way of meeting people; dating applications, dating websites, international online clubs by invitation, social networks, etc.
So meeting people is very easy, easier than ever; the difficult thing is to meet the right person in a safe, private way and without wasting your illusion or time. For this, and taking into account the reality and social trend, AURA Matchmaking was born as the reference boutique firm in sentimental headhunting ©. Our goal is to offer you the possibility of meeting the person who fits your desired profile, interests, values, style and life project in a professional, objective, safe, private way and increasing its scope and, therefore, chances of success.
AURA Matchmaking is the only Matchmaking company specialized in Sentimental Headhunting © in Barcelona and the second in all of Spain certified by Matchmaking Corporation Spain. Additionally, all Matchmaking Corporation International companies collaborate in their professional networking in order to exponentially increase their reach to candidates.

If you still have doubts about why you should hire AURA Matchmaking, here are the 10 reasons that will convince you:
1) time saving,
2) guaranteed results,
3) personalized service,
4) differential value of the human factor,
5) professional methodology,
6) exclusivity and quality of candidates,
7) networking,
8) verification of profiles and their motivations,
9) confidentiality and
10) opportunity cost.
In addition to our unique service in the market, AURA Matchmaking is unique for its essence as a “boutique” signature, the passion and enthusiasm for our work, as well as for our honesty and transparency when assessing the ability to help or not to a potential client.

AURA Matchmaking is committed to fulfilling the commitments acquired. AURA Matchmaking undertakes to present its client to that person who meets the objective profile validated with the client, in a time and manner specified according to the contract, leaving only physical attraction in their hands, which is a necessary but not sufficient condition to achieve a lasting relationship.

In AURA Matchmaking we guarantee a minimum of between 3 and 6 presentations, according to contractual conditions, as long as the client discards to continue with the previous presentation. That is, before moving on to a new presentation, the client must formally reject the previous candidate. Additionally, the request for a contract extension may be assessed.

Joining AURA Matchmaking means that you have the opportunity to become a candidate to later join a select group of people who may have a “match” with one of our clients. Becoming a candidate means being a passive client, that is, we do not carry out an active search, but it may be that you fit in with a client so it is an excellent opportunity to meet your ideal partner. The success of AURA Matchmaking reflects the excellence of our work and especially the success of our selection criteria when choosing our clients and candidates. As an Affiliate, you will have the possibility of meeting one of these exclusive clients, as long as your profile fits with the requirements of your “ideal partner” previously defined with us. If you want to Join, feel free to fill out our Affiliate Questionnaire here

In case of being an affiliate or a candidate, you must report your new situation to proceed with your withdrawal as a potential candidate. In case of being a client, the contract is paralyzed for a certain time, as specified by contract.
AURA Matchmaking, as a company certified by Matchmaking Corporation, offers the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation service to be able to satisfactorily resolve any controversy that may arise in the process.