Ethical Code

Ethics is a fundamental value in the development of our work, a factor that generates trust that represents a true seal of distinction and quality for our clients, candidates, AURA Matchmaking team and society.

Our code of ethics and conduct defines the corporate principles and values that we must follow in our professional relationships, constituting the basic pillars and a common framework of behavior for the entire AURA Matchmaking team.

Therefore, knowing these principles and values must be a priority for everyone, as it is for AURA Matchmaking to ensure their compliance.

We are honest in our professional opinions and business relationships; in the services we provide, the knowledge we have and the experience we acquire.

We are committed to providing a quality service combining the expertise and scope of our resources, experience and knowledge to help clients achieve their goal.


We apply quality controls and processes necessary to meet the expectations generated for the client and the commitments acquired, and to correct them in the event of a possible deviation or claim.
We understand the broad impact that our work has on our clients, candidates, team, and society. For this reason, we foster a culture of professionalism and personal responsibility, which supports clients and promotes the quality of the services we provide.


We follow professional laws, regulations and standards, and we try to avoid any action that could discredit us or our profession.
We are objective when it comes to forming a professional opinion and offering our services. We accept differences of opinion and judgment, and we value them constructively and professionally.


The acceptance or offering of gifts, services and/or any other type of consideration that gives reasons to think that they may influence our decisions or undermine our objectivity, is not allowed under any circumstances, except those due to habitual commercial practices or courtesy and whose value is symbolic.
We encourage innovation and new ideas to improve the value and performance of our services.


We understand that both our clients and candidates expect our work to meet the highest professional standards.

We offer the client advanced solutions, with a vocation for service and through the constant contribution of value. We accept professional responsibility for our actions with a full vocation of service towards the effective improvement of our clients.

We protect and take steps to safeguard confidential and personal information in our possession, collecting and processing data in accordance with applicable laws, professional obligations, and our own data management policies and practices.


Disclosure of all confidential and personal information entrusted to us is prohibited, unless there is authorization to do so or required or permitted by law, right or professional duty.


The use of any confidential information about our clients for personal or third party benefit is prohibited.

All the decisions made by AURA Matchmaking members must be based on the maximum interest for the client, candidate and/or company, they must never be based on personal interest.

The corporate image of our company is very important. For this reason, we encourage our team to follow and promote the values of excellence, commitment, confidentiality and integrity with the aim of making AURA Matchmaking a reference company, not only in its sector but also a firm model to follow.

At AURA Matchmaking we are committed to being a socially committed company, promoting initiatives that make our commitment to CSR known.

Our code of ethics and conduct is a reflection of the corporate essence and philosophy that guides the direction of the company. Therefore, any breach of this code of ethics and conduct will not be tolerated and, from the AURA Matchmaking Management, is encouraged to report any type of infraction of which they are aware.

Thank you very much.